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Sacred Dub: PainKiller - Execution Ground

Bill Laswell Discography

Execution Ground :: PainKiller

Disc One
01 Parish of Tama (Ossuary Dub) 16:05
02 Morning of Balachaturdasi 14:45
03 Pashupatinath 13:47
Disc Two
01 Pashupatinath Ambient 20:00
02 Parish of Tama Ambient 19:19

Liner Notes

Recorded and mixed at Greenpoint Studio, Brooklyn, New York
Engineering: Oz Fritz
Engineering on disc two: Robert Musso
Assistant: Layng Martine
Disc three recorded live in Osaka, Japan
Produced by PainKiller
Subharmonic: Ambient Bob Soares
Material Inc.: Tracy McKnight
Axiom/Ambient: Peter Wetherbee/Bill Murphy

John Zorn: saxophone, voice
Bill Laswell: basses, samples
Mick Harris: drums, samples, voice
Yamantaka Eye (Disc three): voice

Additional Notes

This album was released in four versions. Subharmic released their standard version, plus two limited editions—one with a marble case, one with a metal case. In addition, the album was also released in Japan under the Toy’s Factory label with an additional disc called “Live in Osaka.” This disc had the following tracklisting:

01 Gandhamadana 13.00
02 Vaidurya 9.00
03 Satapitaka 11.00
04 Bodkyithangga 13.00
05 Zorn/Eye duo encore
a. Black Bile
b. Yellow Bile
c. Crimson Bile
d. Ivory Bile

This info courtesy of Silent Watcher.

Release Information

Year Label Country Format Catalog
1994 Subharmonic US 2xCD SD7008-2
1994 Subharmonic US 2xCD (Metal Case) SD7008-2
1994 Subharmonic US 2xCD (Marble Case) SD7008-2
1995 Toys Factory Japan 3xCD TFCK 887313


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