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Sacred Dub: Cypher 7 - Nothing Lasts

Bill Laswell Discography

Nothing Lasts :: Cypher 7

Disc One
01 Dead Drop 17:41
02 Piece Of Blue Sky 6:45
03 Dream Spiral 8:42
04 Conspiracy Of Silence 3:09
05 Ladder Of Lights 23:01
06 Still 19:34
Disc Two
01 Message Important
Bass: Bill Laswell
02 The Suspicious Shaman 8:44
03 Tokyo A.M. 6:39
04 Benares (Open Secret)
Ba Wu: Jaron Lanier
05 Nothing Lasts
Voice: Jeanne Moreau
06 Falling Backwards 16:05
07 Nadyr 10:05

Liner Notes

Recorded at Bovaland and at the Power Station, New York City
Created and encoded by Jeff Bova and Alex Haas
Navigation and ground control: Bill Laswell
Encryption Cydewinder: Peter Wetherbee
Radically Reconfigured and Remastered at Ground Zero by Joe Lambert and Alex Haas
Ground Zero Extrapolators: Jimmy B, Nick, Joe and Michal [Mytek Converters]

Jeff Bova: keyboards, sounds
Alex Haas: keyboards, sounds
Bill Laswell (Disc two, track 1): bass
Jaron Lanier (Disc two, track 4): ba wu

Additional Information

Disc one is the complete Decoder album; disc two is the complete Security album. Each disc’s last track is an exclusive track not available on the original release.

Release Information

Year Label Country Format Catalog
1998 Yikes Records US 2xCD Y7774-2


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